Saturday & Sunday, June 18th & 19th 11am-7pm


“We’re fascinated by the words – but where we meet is in the silence behind them.”  – Ram Dass


We are honored and thrilled to invite you to attend the current expression of Parachute Market, “Alone Together,” Saturday & Sunday, June 18 & 19 taking place at and in conjunction with MAMA Gallery - DTLA.


Celebrating the sixth PARACHUTE MARKET – ALONE TOGETHER with a curated series of events and retail pop-ups happening throughout the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District during the month of June, 2016.


This year’s curatorial team consists of: Coryander FriendJessica HundleyTasya Van Ree, and Petecia Le Fawnhawk. Each of these women are creating - in their respective fields - works celebrated for their imagination, authenticity and spirit.


With this show we look to our creative community to ask ourselves, in a world where so much depends upon group consciousness, where do we find the space for our own voice – who are you within the group and who are you “alone”?


Please join us for a weekend of community, as we gather and shine in an exquisite group show and marketplace.


Tickets are limited for the First Look Preview event

Friday Night, June 17 - 7 PM 

First Look Preview @ 405 Mateo 

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Tickets for Parachute Market @ 405 Mateo (ticketing and check in)
Saturday & Sunday, June 18-19 11am - 8pm

405 Mateo, Arts District DTLA 90013

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Curated by Artists Tasya van Ree and Petecia Le Fawnhawk

Opens June 10, 2016 at 405 Mateo Street in the Arts District of DTLA

Design fair Parachute Market and independent Art Advisor Sharón Zoldan will be presenting the exhibition and will be open by appointment through Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 405 Mateo in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Élan Vital includes works by Daniele Albright, Taiana Giefer, Nicole Nadeau, JS Nero, Spencer Hansen, Eliot Lee Hazel, and Lianne Barnes, with a special performance by Jessica Tonder and music by James Oliver & Adam Freeland.

French for the vital life force or creative impulse, Élan Vital is a collection of works that speak to our innate impetus, energy and compulsion to create. It is coursing through us, and this agency manifests itself in this selection of sculptures, photographs and mixed media installations – collectively a delicate balance between that which exists and that which comes to fruition – that which is found and that which is created.

Van Ree describes her inspiration as “an intellectual translation of a universal language that opens us up to a higher frequency of existence, and an advanced level of consciousness.”

“We wanted to pull from our local community of artists,” says Le Fawnhawk, “works we felt explored the connection of Élan Vital through a simplicity of spirit and diversity of form.”



Parachute Market, @parachutemarket & Sharón Zoldan, @sharonzoldan

WHAT: Élan Vital, a group exhibition curated by Tasya van Ree @tasyavanree & Petecia Le Fawnhawk: @lefawnhawk

SHOWING: Daniele Albright:

Taiana Giefer:, @taianadesign

Nicole Nadeau: @nicolenadeau

JS Nero:, @j.s._nero

Spencer Hansen:, @spencerblamo

Eliot Lee Hazel:, @eliot_lee_hazel

Lianne Barnes:, @liannebarnesstudio

Jessica Tonder:, @jessica_tonder

James Oliver: @jamesarronoliver

Adam Freeland:, @Adam_Freeland

The exhibit runs through June 19, by appointment

For appointments please contact:

WHERE:  405 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

With support from: Shelter Social Club / Muni Wines / Potek Wines / Mescal Amaras 

MEDIA: Meara Daly, NelsonDaly,